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in Growing Pains book:

What About Daddy?

Karyn lives in a Children’s Home she dislikes, so she expresses a desire to meet her real parents. When she meets her real mother, Elizabeth, Karyn discovers that Elizabeth does not share the full story of why she gave her away.


It’s Better Over Here

Shannon moves to a new town with her mother. The high school she attends is made up of mostly rich kids and Shannon really wants to be accepted. She even sacrifices her relationship with her friend, Katie.



Marie goes away to college and learns how to make tough decisions on her own for the first time. She experiences stress from being a freshman in college, getting engaged to a man her mother disapproves, and having a crush on one of her instructors.


Party Tonight!

Kim possesses an idealistic view of college life. Upon arriving on campus she is amazed by all the people. When Kim meets her roommate, Teresa, her dream quickly turns into a nightmare as she experiences the realities of college life.

Love at First Sight

Laura easily falls in love with the men she meets. But staying in love is challenging for her. After two unsuccessful relationships, she tries taking control of her feelings, but becomes even more challenged when a friendship turns into an unexpected romance.


Family Tree

A woman spends a day with relatives and discovers annoying information.


Tall Handsome Stranger

Taryn finally meets the ideal man of her dreams, but is already in a relationship with another man.


Alicia Adler’s Journal

While working at a Hollywood studio, a woman finds a journal belonging to a famous actress filled with personal details about her love life and career.


E & K

Ellen and Karen have fulfilling careers, but struggle with finding compatible mates.

Too Much Too Soon

Leslie receives an offer at work she cannot refuse; however, her relationship with the boss may hinder her being able to promote.


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