$99 Social

Low cost social media management for small business

Action On Film International Film Festival


a place to find acting parts and a database of monologues and scenes

Brinke Stevens

generous, educated, and talented actress

California Film Foundation

Capital Film Arts Alliance

non-profit organization dedicated to the creative growth of the Northern California region's independent film industry and its people - a network of film professionals.

Sacramento International Film and Music Festival

Celeste Yarnall

This intelligent actress co-starred with Elvis in Live A Little, Love A Little and is beloved for her guest role on the classic television series, Star Trek, in the episode "The Apple."

In addition: visit Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D. Celestial Pets - Center for natural nutrition and holistic health care

Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine

electronic subscription magazine providing solid resource tools for screenwriters, producers, and directors


"Your source for independent film"

Mercedes Hall

talented jazz / blues singer; turn up your speakers!

Michelle Dozois

a fitness professional - She is a personal trainer, certified in Pilates, and makes great exercise videos!

Pamela Susan Shoop

Very Scary Productions

Web site of independent digital filmmaker Jeff Kirkendall



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