Terri Dawn Arnold's course

English Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

is available for English language learners and anyone interested in improving his or her grammar.


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The course is also recommended for composition students.


Terri Dawn Arnold's course

Creative Writing: The Mystery, Suspense, Crime Story

is available for writers interested in writing novels, teleplays and/or screenplays.

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Growing Pains - 10 short stories about growing up

coming-of-age stories

Experience the lives of young ladies from the teen years through their early twenties. Each is faced with her own set of challenges and makes unique choices. Growing Pains may remind you of your own growing pains!
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The Two Sisters
(movie) crime / drama / mystery

Starring Celeste Yarnall (Star Trek), Brinke Stevens (Haunting Fear),
Ron Millkie (Friday the 13th),
and Eve Lorraine and Erin Daly as the two sisters


Lannie and Kellie are very close sisters. Both suffer from manic depression. When university classmates start becoming friends with Kellie, Lannie is threatened and finds a way to eliminate the problem. Kellie is "the nice one," but also has wicked tendencies.



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