Behind the Scenes of THE TWO SISTERS

"At first I thought the script might've been based on a true story; it sounded very realistic." - Brinke Stevens ('Professor Renee Davis')

From Terri Dawn Arnold's Blog:

The Two Sisters

Some friends and people who meet me are surprised I wrote THE TWO SISTERS because they think it is dark. Just today I told someone that my book, GROWING PAINS – 10 short stories about growing up, is totally different from THE TWO SISTERS, so I guess I am just versatile. Storytelling of any kind has always fascinated me; I was the kid in school who loved when the teacher read to the class. I guess that is why I read to my students now.

During the writing process for THE TWO SISTERS, I learned a lot about bipolar disorder, including how it affects people who have it and the people around them from the film's consultant, psychologist Charlotte Houston, Ph.D. Not all bipolar people are violent, but being the reasonable person that I am it made sense to provide a reason for having the two sisters be angry and subconsciously seeking vengeance for how their mother died. Celeste Yarnall, who plays “Nurse Louise,” suggested that I include an illness and she was correct. It made the story more realistic and I received two award nominations for the script. Celeste ( used to manage screenwriters, so I kind of thought it would be a good idea to follow her advice.

Thank you for the feedback. I love creativity and embrace the gift I was given. I plan to write many more stories that will intrigue.


"Terri Dawn kept her shoots down to a mere eight hours a day, which is a rare luxurious schedule. . .She is one of the most relaxed, low-key directors I've ever worked with."-- Brinke Stevens ('Professor Davis')

"Terri Dawn makes working a pleasure." -- Celeste Yarnall ('Nurse Louise')

Fun Facts:

Ola Murchison, who plays 'Coach,' is a retired NFL player. He won Super Bowl rings while playing with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Two Sisters shoot was 18 days (three weeks).

Terri Dawn Arnold wrote "The Two Sisters Theme." The music played in her mind while she was writing the screenplay.

The Modesto, California location Ma' Deas Homestyle Bar-B-Que where Kellie, Linc, Lannie and Todd have their double date is no longer a soul food restaurant; new owners made it an Indian restaurant.

One location was a residence large enough to serve four purposes:

"California University" is actually Modesto Junior College.


On the Set:

Brinke Stevens, Terri Dawn Arnold directing
Kyle Decoque, Vince Lasalvia, Jeff Brock (This is what actors do while waiting to shoot their scenes.)



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Fun Photo:

"I originally intended for the sisters to be high school students, but realized having them as college students would open up more storylines."

-- Terri Dawn Arnold (Writer, Producer, and Director)


One day during lunch:

Celeste Yarnall, Archie Graham


Ron Millkie


In addition to the feature presentation there are extras, including five minutes of some hilarious outtakes.

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