From left to right: Kay Bowman, Terri Dawn Arnold, Marcelino Pastor


Decisions is about a 17-year old girl named Marie who goes away to college and learns how to make tough decisions on her own for the first time. She experiences stress from being a freshman in college, getting engaged, and having a crush on one of her instructors. Decisions aired on Roseville Channel 18, and is adapted from Terri Dawn Arnold's book, Growing Pains - 10 short stories about growing up.


Written, Produced, and Directed


Terri Dawn Arnold



Kay Bowman as Jo

Gino Diridoni as Mark

Heather Harper as Jenny

Marlon Hill as Professor Ken Allen

Matt Holsinger as Andy

Geoff Kragen as John

Janette Kragen as Susan

Holly Kristian as Marie

Marcelino Pastor as Sean

Ruth Sheffler as Andrea



Mark Woodward

Ginger Zimmerman

From left to right: Marcelino Pastor with Holly Kristian

Marie is away at college and now single since her long-time boyfriend, Mark, did not want to be in a long distance relationship. In this scene Marie meets Sean, who her mother will not approve of because he does not attend college.


Marlon Hill ("Professor Ken Allen")

This photo was taken after Marlon completed his scene. He quickly changed into these shorts. His character wore a jacket, tie and slacks, and it was a very warm day. In the scene Marie reveals that she is one of his students and has developed a crush on him, even though she is engaged to Sean.



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