What About Daddy?

From left to right: Terri Dawn Arnold, Emily Langlitz, Mary Louise Nelson


What About Daddy? is about a 16-year old girl named Karyn (played by Emily Langlitz) who has grown up in a children's home she grows to dislike. She runs away but after a short time is found by a police officer who takes her back to the children's home. Karyn expresses that she wants to meet her real parents because she desires to be a part of a family. She meets her real mother, Elizabeth Russell (played by Mary Louise Nelson), who accepts her, but Karyn discovers that her mother did not share the full story of why she gave her away.

We shot What About Daddy? all on location. We worked outside, in an office building, and in a house. We spent five hours shooting non-stop. What About Daddy? aired on Roseville Channel 18, and is adapted from Terri Dawn Arnold's book, Growing Pains - 10 short stories about growing up.


Written, Produced, and Directed


Terri Dawn Arnold



Tani Bragg as Miss Anderson

Marshall Warren Graves as William Russell

Emily Langlitz as Karyn

Mary Louise Nelson as Elizabeth Russell



Kenneth Firchau

Ginger Zimmerman


From left to right: Tani Bragg and Emily Langlitz taking a break between takes.

In this scene Miss Anderson reprimands Karyn for running away from the children's home.




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