Women of Film Conference 2007

Women of Film Conference '07

Courtyard by Marriott
Roseville Galleria Mall - Roseville, California
July 21, 2007


"Great Networking!" - Julita Bentz, writer


"This was very valuable for me as an actress. The speaker from SAG gave us plenty of time to ask any questions we had. The networking with others is always beneficial! Thank you! See you next year!" - Teri Flores, actress


Michelle Fatale (left) and Terri Dawn Arnold (right)
Michelle won the raffle. Prize: The Two Sisters script signed by Terri Dawn.

"Please do this next year! I had a great time!" - Michelle Fatale, writer/producer/director


"Thank you for taking the time to put on this conference." - Krystal Landrum, actress


Conference speakers Fatna Sallak-Williams (left) and Terri Dawn Arnold (right)


"I walked away with a better understanding of how the industry works, how to get started, SAG and non-SAG work, and the terminology to help my son with his career." - Dana Irving


Jeri D. Arnold, First Assistant Director


"Great Networking." - Cheryl McIntire, casting director/actress


Joyce Irving (left) with Julita Bentz (right)


(from left to right) Cheryl McIntire, writer/producer Louise Baker, Teri Flores, Krystal Landrum


Photos taken by Jeri D. Arnold and Terri Dawn Arnold


Purpose: Women of Film Conferences are to encourage, inspire, and educate women who work in film and women who are seriously pursuing a career in film.

Who: Women who attend the conferences are writers, producers, directors, film commissioners, actresses, production assistants, makeup artists, etc.


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